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On this page you will  find  answers to some  frequently asked question (FAQs) related to steel  and steel construction as well reasons why you should build with steel.

In Belize, there  are number of construction  materials on the market and many times it may see challenging deciding which material to use.   Traditionally, the belief is that building with  steel  is best suited for large industrial projects and that it creates big looking square boxes.

At Global Steel Services, we work with our clients on  all sorts of projects from residential,  industrial,  commercial, and institutional and we are continuously changing the mindset and traditional views of  building with steel.

As steel fabrication experts, we know that steel buildings offer an unsurpassed amount of design freedom, while also providing a lower cost solution that is environmentally sustainable. We decided to put together a a list of FAQs and compelling list of reasons for why building with steel is the way to go.



Is building with steel really better and why?

Whether you are building a house, complex, or church or anything else imaginable, steel buildings are versatile and customizable.  As the saying goes, “if you can dream it, we can build it.”

How strong are steel buildings and how long do they last?

Steel buildings are resistant to natural and man-made wear. They withstand termites, fire, rust and rot. You can be confident your building will stand strong through a wide range of calamities. Steel structures are inorganic- they will not, warp, split, crack or creep. Steel buildings are so tough that their ductile and flexible nature lead them to be a popular choice when building in earthquake prone regions.

Structures built by Global Steel Services will stand the test of time, extreme weather and heavy use. You won’t find a stronger, more durable option on the market. In fact, according to The American Institute of Steel Construction, “Not only is structural steel a stronger material, it also has a much higher strength to weight ratio than other materials. This results in the building being lighter and lighter buildings require less extensive and costly foundations.”

Once your steel building is constructed, you need to do very little to maintain it over the years. At Global Steel Services, our designs, rust protected steel, durable cladding and strong frame takes care of itself, so you don’t have to.

Are steel  structures really cheaper that those built from concrete?

We know that budget is a consideration on any job. We price our buildings right to make sure you are getting a fair price for a high-quality product. Building in steel is a cost-effective decision for your next project, largely due to the fact that we manufacture each building specially to order, eliminating waste.

Through conducting comparative studies, The American Institute of Steel Construction states that, “structural steel framing system including decking and fire protection will typically cost 5% to 7% less than a concrete framing system on a national basis.”

Is it easy to expand on a steel structure?

Expanding on a steel structure is relatively easy and straightforward. We have actually done expansion work on places of business (such as the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital) during normal hours of operation. One of the benefits of working with steel, as opposed to concrete, is that it need not interrupt or impede your business.

How long does it take to build and install a steel building?

The answer to this question actually depends on the nature  and type of project. Kindly get in touch with us  in order to provide you with a realistic timeline.

However; we can tell you that Steel structures are much quicker to assemble and finish than equivalent concrete ones.

Do you do foundation/concrete works or do I need to contract someone else?

At Global Steel Services we only do the actual steel work.  We can assist in locating and hiring a  separate contractor for such work, and will work with them to ensure our structure will fit with the preparation work they do. We  provide all necessary anchor bolts, for securing the structure to the  foundation/floor.

Do all steel buildings look the same, or can you different styles?

Steel structures are aesthetically appealing. Technology today allows you to design your building to fit your vision. You can choose a wide range of exterior finishes to add style and flare to fit your personality.

Is building with steel enviromentally friendly?

Building with steel is gentle on the environment. Not only is steel typically made partially out of recycled product, it is often manufactured specially to order. For us at Global Steel Services, that means there is very little waste during the fabrication process as our in-house fabricators can make all of the pieces fit together.

Steel buildings are also a great option for sustainability because their parts can be reused and recycled when the building is no longer needed. In fact, according to a study by The World Steel Association, “98% of the raw materials used to make crude steel are converted to products and by-products. The industry’s goal is zero waste.” Their findings also reveal that “over 22 billion tonnes of steel has been recycled worldwide since 1900 owing to steel’s 100% recyclability.”

Is fabrication and erection the same thing?

Steel fabrication and steel erection are two diffferent things.  Fabrication refers to  the process of preparing components ready for assembly on site.

Erection  is the process of assembling fabricated steel components on site, and with careful planning can be completed relatively quickly. 

Where can I can find answers to questions that I may have that is not on this list?

If you have any questions not addressed on this site, please contact us using whatever method is convenient for you. You can find all our contact information on our contact page.


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